Training in systemic family therapy

Training takes place across the region in Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Podgorica, as well as in Serbia in Novi Sad, Subotica, Nis, Kraljevo, Belgrade.


AST has a regular practice of organizing workshops with internationally renowned experts in the field of psychotherapy with an aim of sharing their work, opening new ideas for practice and exchanging fresh experiences.

Prof. dr Mila Goldner Vukov has successfully run a workshop „Different faces of love: couples relationships“. In a creative and interesting way, she has presented neurobiology of couples relationships that integrate biology of human excitement, attachment theory and the science of brain. At the workshop, there were over fifty psychotherapists from Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina and Macedonia.

9th EFTA Conference in Athens

EFTA has, once more, successfully organized a four-day rich program titled “Origins and originality in family therapy and systemic practice”, during which trainers and psychotherapists had the opportunity to experience wealth of innovative ideas and skills for the therapeutic and training process.

Members of AST have been very busy in Athens. They had a symposium “On training competent therapists: learning to manage uncertainty and live and work in an unsafe environment and changing times”, presented by Radmila Vulic Bojovic; then Milica Lazarevic discussed “The influence of social contexts on systemic family therapy – contemporary themes and future developments“, and the collage made by our fourth year trainees from Belgrade was presented during EFTA-TIC gathering.


9th EFTA-TIC Trainers meeting, 25th-27th September, 2015

In September 2015, Association of systemic therapists successfully hosted the 9th EFTA-TIC Meeting of Trainers. It was a gathering of systemic family therapy trainers from all over the world and the region. The theme of the meeting was "Embracing new knowledge: Training for integrative and innovative practice". During the rich three-day program, trainers had the opportunity to experience wealth of innovative ideas and skills for the training process. Training institutes/schools of systemic family therapy from France, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, UK, USA, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia have taken part in this gathering. See pictures...

Participants of the meeting have evaluated it, and here you can read their impressions. They have also made several proposals for future gatherings.


At the conference in Leuven, Belgium in February 2015, EFTA celebrated its 25th birthday. Prof Dr Nevena Calovska-Hercog spoke about the contribution of Mony Elkaim in developing theory and practice in systemic family therapy.  Video ...

At the 4th conference of psychotherapists of Serbia in October 2014, entitled "Development and psychotherapy", AST members participated in "round-table" debate called "Systemic practice in postmodern age".

At the 5th conference of psychotherapists of Serbia in October 2015, entitled "Love and Psychotherapy", AST members participated in a Symposium called "The ethics of psychotherapy and crisis of modern society”.

At the 6th conference of psychotherapists of Serbia in October 2016, entitled "Psychotherapy and society", AST members and systemic family therapist from the region participated in the "round-table" debate named "Experiences, challenges and direction of development of systemic practice in the region". Systemic therapists were from Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbian Republic, and Montenegro.

Training in Emotionally focused couples therapy

In May 2014 AST has organized the first part of the "Emotionally focused couples therapy" training run by Kyriaki Polychroni, M.A., C.G.P. at the Faculty for Media and Communications, University Singidunum, Belgrade.

Second part of the training took place in November 2014, again run by Kyriaki Polychroni.

The goal of this four-day training is to become familiar with the theory and practice of the Emotionally focused couples therapy, develop therapeutic skills in attachment theory and skills necessary for overcoming difficulties in working with couples. This four-day training is the first step in acquiring knowledge and skills to become a certified Emotionally focused couples therapist. For additional information please visit the site:


  • Supervision for forth year students
  • Supervision of systemic therapists
  • One time supervision with Dr sci. med. Mila Goldner Vukov

    *For all supervisions AST issues a certificate concerning the number of hours.


Cooperation with other counselling services and associations

AST continuously collaborates with the Center for the support to the early development of children and family relationships in Novi Sad, with an aim of exchanging experiences and widening the network of colleagues trained in systemic family therapy.

AST collaborates with trainees from Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and with associations of family therapists throughout the region.

AST also collaborates with different schools of systemic family therapy in Rijeka, Ljubljana and Skopje.

As the oldest relevant training institution in the region, AST has supported various schools of systemic family therapy in the region with expert advice, literature exchange, trainings, involving colleagues in seminars, and connecting these schools with EAP and EFTA.

AST is one of the founders of Association of psychotherapists of Serbia and regularly participates in organizing the Congress of Psychotherapists in Belgrade. 







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